Heat Exchanger Chemical Descaling

All heat transfer equipment is subject to fouling. Even well maintained water treatment programs cannot prevent every type of buildup. Routine cleaning will improve the operation of your equipment and reduce the burden on treatment. Concord can chemically clean your exchanger without disassembly, saving you downtime!

Industrial Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Heat Exchanger Tubes
Heat Exchanger Tubes

Heat Exchanger Chemical Descaling Capabilities

Hard water scale can severely affect your heat transfer rates. Concord can tailor the proper chemistry to remove fouling without damaging your heat transfer equipment. Even a small buildup of scale can cost you money!
Better heat transfer, higher flow rates, improved temperature control, increased production
Industry Standards/Specifications
Concord provides custom procedures for each cleaning process that target the fouling in your exchanger while protecting the various metals of construction.
Equipment Used
Our mobile pump skids can be positioned quickly and easily for short hose runs to your exchanger and our hoses are rated for the chemistry and temperatures of the cleaning process. We can achieve flow rates up to 350 gpm and can provide full flow filters capable of handling that volume.